Our Approach

Brighton Spinal Group is Melbourne’s leading health facility for managing neck and back pain. Initially opened in 1985 and previously known as the Brighton Spinal and Sports Medicine Clinic, it was the first medical centre in Australia to combine the expertise of doctors, physiotherapists, osteopaths and psychologists in caring for people with chronic back pain and related problems like disc prolapse.

We changed our name in 2002 to reflect our focus on helping people with spine related disorders, however we still also treat other joint and muscle injuries. Over the years our expertise has grown and we have a number of different medical specialists covering the areas of Orthopaedic Spine Surgery, Sports Medicine and Musculoskeletal Medicine. In addition we have a range of allied health pracitioners inclucing Osteopaths, Physiotherapists, an Exercise Physiologist, Psychologists, Remedial Masseurs (Myotherapy), and a Dietician. We have an extensive onsite gymnasium, hydrotherapy pool next door and nearby dedicated Clinical Pilates Studio.

With such a comprehensive array of therapies on offer and co-ordinated in one centre, you can have confidence that we will be able to help you – whether you suffer from a simple muscle strain, wry neck or a more serious problem such as a lumbar stress fracture or disc prolapse with nerve compression, we can advise on maximising your recovery.

Effective treatment of chronic back pain requires an initial detailed assessment followed by a co-ordinated management plan. To optimise your recovery, we create an individualised program tailored to your specific needs. Each program draws on a holistic framework of the best proven treatments currently available. For many chronic spinal pain disorders there is no quick fix, but the latest medical research suggests a combined multidisciplinary approach is the most effective.

We are also at the forefront of new treatments for arthritis and tendon problems and offer regenerative therapies including autologous blood injections (ABI), platelet rich plasma injections (PRP) and stem cell therapies.

We embrace the highest ethical standards in everything we do. All of our practitioners have an ongoing commitment to medical education, spinal pain research and professional development. Our integrity as quality service providers ensures our patients receive the best standard of healthcare possible.

Please call us at the Brighton Spinal Group to arrange an appointment. If in doubt about which of our practitioners you should see first at the clinic, check out our practitioner profiles on each treatment page or simply ring us and speak to our reception team, by phone 03 9596 7211.