Osteoarthritis (OA) is the most common joint complaint affecting one in five Australians. Osteoarthritis affects the whole joint including the cartilage, ligaments muscles and surrounding bone. The pain is caused by both inflammation within the joint, as well as changes from usage of the joint over time. It is a progressive disease and can both be painful and affect your everyday activities.

There are a number of different conservative strategies that have been researched to both reduce the pain and improve the mobility of the affected joint. There are also strategies that slow the rate of disease progression.

A combination of measures allows improves the pain levels and increases mobility to improve your quality of everyday activity. Brighton Spinal Group offers comprehensive joint care and modern pain management strategies, including Podiatry, Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology and Sports Medicine.

Occasional manual therapy treatment can also improve joint stiffness and mobility for good medium term effect (see Physiotherapy). In addition to this, engaging in a general activity program of regular walking or pool exercises helps general fitness and weight management. (see Exercise Physiology)

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Conservative treatment strategies include:

  • Activity modification – improved movement strategies
  • Taping and bracing of joints
  • Orthotics for lower limb – improved biomechanics can reduce both pain and the rate of disease progression
  • Reducing or maintaining your body weight reduces the load on painful and inflamed joints.
  • There are various complementary anti-inflammatory agents and strategies that reduce the inflammatory load on the body.

Brighton Spinal Group also offers specific medical treatments:

For example, an osteoarthritis program might include the following:

  • occasional manual therapy treatment to reduce joint stiffness and improve pain
  • regular gym based exercise program for muscles strengthening
  • pool based exercises (see Hydrotherapy)
  • course of pilates for improving joint stability and increase body awareness
  • knee brace fitting to improve joint stability for your regular golf game
  • a course of platelet rich plasma can be used on a periodic basis to reduce knee pain and swelling.

Talk to one of our practitioners about your joint condition and be confident you will get the correct advice and all of your treatment options discussed in an open and pragmatic way.

Exercise Based Management

Exercise Based Management

Specific exercise programs improve the strength and endurance of the muscles protecting the joints.  Exercise protocols have been developed for hip, knee, shoulder and lower back osteoarthritis.

Your exercise program can be as simple as a home exercise routine designed by a physiotherapist or supervised exercise by qualified practitioners within our gymnasium.

Pool based exercise helps deload painful joint symptoms and allows more freedom of movement (see Hydrotherapy)

If you have been recommended to have joint replacement surgery, we also offer pre and post operative rehabilitation within our clinical gymnasium under the supervision of physiotherapists and exercise physiologists.

Ankylosing Spondylitis

Ankylosing Spondylitis is a Rheumatic disease of unknown cause that primarily affects the back bone or spine. The involvement of the sacro-iliac joint (the junction of the bottom of the spine with the pelvic bones) is one of the hallmarks of the disease.

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