4 Corners Pain Factory Story
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4 Corners Pain Factory Story

4 Corners Pain Factory Story

Dr Victor Wilk provides us with his insights into the story 4 Corners ran last week – ‘Pain Factory’.

Last week’s episode of Four Corners highlighted the many adverse events people living with chronic musculoskeletal pain have experienced when undergoing spinal fusion and spinal cord stimulator surgery to manage their pain.  It has been known for a long time that there is a low level of evidence from medical research supporting spinal fusion surgery for the management of chronic low back pain.  Spinal fusion surgery still has a place in the management of some patients conditions but the indications are more for worsening scoliosis or unstable degenerative conditions such as worsening spondylolisthesis.

The indications for spinal cord stimulators are less clear as the 4 corners program pointed out – there are high complication rates over the last 20 years – well known to the medical community of around 30% of cases needing re operation or removal of devices – sometimes with long term detrimental effects.

Here at Brighton Spine and Sports Clinic we take a more wholistic approach to the management of chronic spinal pain incorporating the latest in evidence based scientific research.  We work together as  team to help you manage your pain.  The key message from the program is that you as the patient need to take an active role in your recovery – helped by a multidisciplinary approach.  If you need a second opinion about whether to go ahead with surgery – then doctors Kal Fried and Nathan Johns here have a particular interest in this area and can offer some unbiased advice.

You can watch the full 4 Corners story here.

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