Dietitian Brighton, Hampton, Elsternwick, Elwood & Bentleigh
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Dietitian Brighton

Dietetics in Brighton

Dietitians interpret the science of nutrition to improve health and treat diseases and conditions by educating and giving practical advice. They advise how to maintain a healthy weight and plan nutritional diets and menus. Dietitians assess nutritional needs, develop personalised eating plans that consider medical conditions and personal circumstances. They provide nutrition counselling, support and information on healthy eating, shopping for food, eating out and preparing food at home.

Follow-up dietetic appointments are crucial and assist patients to take responsibility in achieving personal nutrition goals. Health is a long-term game and the number of review sessions is determined by personal needs and motivational levels. Research shows that regular reviews with a dietitian help people increase their compliance and better achieve their goals, compared to going it alone.

Our dietitian at BSSC can help treat a wide range of conditions including diabetes, heart disease, cancers, gastrointestinal diseases, food allergies, food intolerances, disordered eating as well as overweight and obesity. There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to diet and nutrition. Being able to tailor nutrition advice to find the best approach for each person is the cornerstone of ‘Medical Nutrition Therapy’.

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