Eating healthy on holidays
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Eating healthy on holidays

Eating healthy on holidays

If you want to come home without those extra kilos and with your blood glucose levels on track, it’s worth having a few strategies up your sleeve to make it easier to keep up a healthy lifestyle during the holidays. Amy Peng, our practising dietitian, has suggested the following tips:

On the road or in the air

The tricky food choices start before you’ve even made it to your destination. Airports and road side stops are known for having lots of expensive and unhealthy food options.

Try these tips to get your holiday off to a good start:

  • Carry some healthy snacks that travel well – Fruit, nuts, dried fruit, muesli or nut bars, and wholegrain crackers are all good options.
  • Choose healthier choices at airports – Try options like salad, sandwiches, sushi, or yoghurt, but watch the portion size.
  • Drink water – Carry a water bottle with you and fill it up regularly at the airport, on the plane, or when you stop on the road.
  • Only eat when you’re hungry – If you get a snack or meal provided to you on the plane, don’t eat it unless you are actually hungry, otherwise you’ll end up eating more than you need. If you’re driving, try to time your driving breaks with meal times.

At your destination

You’ve arrived! Unpack that suitcase, put on your thongs and hit the beach. But once you’ve had that first swim, it’s time to do some exploring:

  • Find out if there’s a local farmers’ market near where you are staying, or head to the local supermarket. Stock up on fruit and vegetables, and other healthy snacks that you can grab and go.
  • Discover the area on foot or bike, and plan some active activities to do while you are there.
  • Relax and unwind with a book or magazine…not with too many glasses of wine.
  • Pick a couple of restaurants or cafes that you want to try – stick to these choices and avoid eating out for every meal while you are away. Choosing accommodation that has some basic cooking facilities means that you can prepare some of your meals yourself – which will save you money and calories.
  • Skip the bottle shop – save the occasional glass of wine or beer for those special meals out.
  • And, again, drink water!

Time to go back home

Time to come home and back to reality. If you’ve ended up overindulging on your break, don’t despair, put it down to a good holiday. Get back on track:

  • Start listening to your hunger levels, and only eat when you are hungry.
  • Limit your alcohol intake, and drink mainly water.
  • Have a break from eating out for a while.
  • Get back into your usual routine, including exercise.