Gymnasium (Rehabilitation)
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Gymnasium (Rehabilitation)

Gymnasium Based Rehabilitation in Brighton

Clinically supervised rehabilitation facility Clinical Gymnasium for people returning from injury, or those suffering from persistent spinal and joint conditions, Brighton Spine and Sports Clinic offers patients a gymnasium based rehabilitation facility. This facility is both monitored and overseen by qualified physiotherapists and osteopaths. Specifically designed as a rehabilitation facility, Brighton Spine and Sports Clinic’s clinical gymnasium enables patients to engage in the most effective gym-based rehabilitation program possible, ensuring your recovery is fast and safe.

What if I am in pain? Therapeutic exercise is designed to reduce stress and strain on pain sensitive structures of the body by re-learning or modifying activity. Many types of acute and chronic pain respond well to therapeutic exercise in the form of functional restoration, progressive strengthening and fitness training. Getting started is often the hardest part.

What if I am already exercising? Physiotherapists and osteopaths are experts in human movement. We also excel in managing the healing and recovery process. By establishing the underlying physical factors, we will determine both which sort of activity and how much to ensure a fast and effective recovery.

How do I begin? If you have a persistent spinal or joint condition, or are returning to exercise after suffering an injury, you are an appropriate candidate for one of our gym programs run by our rehabilitation practitioners. Initial Assessment During the initial consultation we will assess your condition, complete baseline measures and discuss your options for exercise therapy. The focus is to determine which form of exercise therapy will be best for you. We may need to teach you some new movement strategies, modify your current exercise regime as well as develop strength, fitness and flexibility using the equipment in the gymnasium.

Depending on your ability, confidence and injury, our practitioners will determine the level of supervision you require to continue your transitional rehabilitation program within our gymnasium. Our gymnasium is designed to help you become independent with your exercise regime. No sign up fees. No long term contracts.

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