Is walking enough to maintain health?
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Is walking enough to maintain health?

Is walking enough to maintain health?

This question was posed in an article reprinted in ‘The Age ‘ newspaper this year.
We all know that as human beings , we need a certain amount of exercise to remain healthy. Exercise moves our joints and skeleton , maintains muscle strength , and keeps us mobile. It also assists our cardio-respiratory system.

Walking is a relatively easy , but is it enough to give us all the benefits we know come from exercise?

The article asked this question to five professionals , including a sports scientist, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, biomechanist and professor of health science.

The answer was an overwhelming yes, with some reservations and additions. Most felt that walking would provide a platform for other exercise. Walking alone was good , but the suggestion was that most people should add some other high intensity exercise or physical activity that challenges strength and balance to their program.

Points to note:
One minute of vigorous exercise is worth 3.5 minutes of walking.
Walking may alleviate depression.
The recommended dose of walking is 30 minutes per day at a speed of 4-6 km/hr. And…. walking is free !
Prepared by Nigel Mitchell