Osteopath Brighton, Hampton, Elsternwick, Elwood & Bentleigh
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Osteopathy Brighton

Osteopaths in Brighton

Brighton Spine & Sports Clinic offer osteopathy to the local Brighton community and surrounding areas including Elsternwick, Hampton, Elwood & Bentleigh.

Osteopathy is a drug free form of hands on (manual) healthcare with a focus on the skeletal system and how it functions in conjunction with muscles, nerves, connective tissue, and internal organs as a holistic unit.

All our osteopaths spend 30 minutes with new clients and for following treatments. At your initial visit we will take a case history to find out about your problem, previous medical history and general health. Our osteopathy team use standard medical tests and skilled palpation to pin down the exact problem.

Our highly skilled osteopaths treat problems mainly affecting the muscles, joints and discs.  Using evaluation and diagnosis, osteopaths can identify types of dysfunction within the body and then implement a wide range of treatment techniques.

Some of these techniques include:

  • Massaging of soft tissue We make extensive use of soft tissue massage to relax the large overlying muscles.
  • Joint Movement Techniques such as articulation, mobilisation and manipulation of the joint, to relieve pain arising from structures inaccessible to massage. The discs, joints and ligaments as well as the deepest muscles can be reached and treated with movement.
  • Palpation skills to locate, identify and diagnose your condition. It a method of feeling with the fingers or hands  to examine the texture, location, and tenderness of your body’s structures.
  • Stretching in which a specific muscle or tendon is stretched in order to improve elasticity

These techniques are designed to relax muscles and restoring movement, helping the circulation bring oxygen and nutrients to sore tissues and carry away wastes. Our methods speed healing and give fast relief from pain.

Osteopaths at Brighton Spine & Sports Clinic can manage a range of conditions including:

Our osteopaths are also able to create individual exercise routines, pilates, relaxation techniques or body awareness sessions within our clinical gymnasium and clinical pilates studio.

If you have a persistent, recurring or difficult pain problem, consider making an appointment to see an osteopath. To find out which osteopath will suit your particular condition, speak to our reception team.