Clinical Pilates near Bentleigh | Brighton Spine & Sports Clinic
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Clinical Pilates near Bentleigh | Brighton Spine & Sports Clinic

Clinical Pilates near Bentleigh

Clinical Pilates Bentleigh

Brighton Spine & Sports Clinic proudly offer Pilates Classes to residents of Bentleigh and surrounds.

Pilates exercises differ from generic exercise both in terms of the exercise equipment used and the attention to detail provided by your practitioner. Pilates exercises and strengthens stabilising muscles increases flexibility and facilitates better movement patterns.

Physiotherapists and osteopaths at BSSC use pilates as part of your individual treatment plan. Your therapist will provide an initial assessment to understand your personal requirements and formulate a co-ordinated management plan for you.

Our clinical studio has the latest balanced body allegro reformers. These reformers facilitate a targeted exercise program for beginners and more advanced exercises as you improve. We also offer an accessorised trapeze table and custom built spring wall. The custom built studio also has the traditional ladder and barrel equipment, swiss balls and weights for exercise variations.

Pilates at Brighton Spine & Sports Clinic may improve your:

  • Strength and body tone
  • Flexibility and range of movement
  • Posture
  • Movement patterns and co-ordination
  • Balance

Our physiotherapists and osteopaths have undertaken postgraduate training in pilates in addition to their qualifications. Your team of therapists work collaboratively to ensure your exercise strategy is tailored for your particular needs and best outcome.

There are a wide variety of conditions pilates exercises may help with including:

  • Chronic back pain and neck pain
  • Lateral hip pain
  • Sports injury rehabilitation
  • Body conditioning / toning
  • Part of an arthritis management plan
  • Women’s health – specific pelvic floor rehabilitation
  • Anti-natal exercise, post partum rehabilitation
  • Men’s health eg post prostate surgery
  • Cancer rehabilitation

To book your consultation, call our reception team on 03 9596 7211.