Pink Ribbon Day 2019
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Pink Ribbon Day 2019

Pink Ribbon Day 2019

As a result of the huge strides made by Cancer Australia in diagnosing breast cancer early and in treatment, more than nine out of ten women diagnosed with breast cancer in Australia will survive. But prevention is always better than cure.

To raise awareness of the importance of early detection, the team at Brighton Spine and Sports Clinic wore pink for Pink Ribbon Day Thursday 24th October 2019 and celebrated with a pink themed morning tea.

Early detection is the best chance of survival:
– If you are 50 – 74 years of age, you are eligible for a free breast scan. Bookings can be made via there are BreastScreen Australia scanning centres around Melbourne.
– If you are 40 – 49 years of age – important to speak to your GP about your concerns.
– women of all ages should self-check their breasts.

From 1 November 2019, Medicare will subsidise breast cancer scans, saving women up to $1,500 per scan, and PET scans for advanced breast cancer, saving up to $1000 per scan.

There are known risk factors for breast cancer, some are preventable. Every woman should learn about these to understand her own risk. Information is available on the Cancer Australia’s website:

Edited from Department of Health website – 1st October 2019.