Privacy Policy
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Privacy Policy

Brighton Spine and Sports Clinic respects patient privacy.

Our privacy protocol reflects the requirements of the Health Records Act 2001 (Vic) Health Privacy
Principles and the Australian Privacy Principles, March 2014.

Personal information is collected for the purposes of providing optimal health care and the administration of service provision. Information collected is typed or scanned into the patient’s file. Paper copies of any sensitive or identifying information are confidentially destroyed.

All data is kept secure within Australian borders and access limited to employees or health practitioners and our IT service providers and online appointment suppliers as necessary. All parties are bound by signed confidentiality and privacy clauses in their contracts. At no time will data be supplied to international parties, unless such is specifically requested by the patient (see below).

Individuals seeking access to their personal information, either for their own purposes or that of another health care provider, can request a copy of their clinical records. Signed written consent of the patient is required prior to release of any personal details or medical information.

Should the patient have a query regarding any of the content of their records, this should be put in writing, with copies to the relevant treating Practitioner and Practice Manager. Such queries will be addressed as quickly as possible.

Should the patient feel that there has been a breach of the Australian Privacy Principles; such concern should be addressed in writing to the Practice Manager, who will raise the issue with the Directors of the practice. All necessary action will then be taken to rectify the issue and a response in writing, detailing actions taken, will be sent to the patient.

Any email addresses collected via our website or registration forms are used for Brighton Spine and Sports Clinic promotional or practice development purposes only and are not shared with any third party. Patients can opt out of receiving content via email from Brighton Spine and Sports Clinic at any time.

In order for practitioners at Brighton Spine and Sports Clinic to communicate internally and externally to other health professionals about the ongoing management and care of a patient, the following statement is agreed to by the patient, on the registration form:

I hereby authorise my practitioner(s) to communicate with other health practitioners regarding my condition if necessary.

Patient information is retained for at least seven years for adults and until the age of 25 for patients who were a minor when last treated.

Copies of this privacy policy are made available to patients at all times.

Brighton Spine and Sports Clinic uses HotDoc online booking service.

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