Psychologist Brighton, Hampton, Elsternwick, Elwood & Bentleigh
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Psychologist Brighton

Psychologist in Brighton

Everyone is vulnerable to pain and discomfort, whether it be mental or physical in origin, and this is something that psychologists can help with. Awareness and knowledge surrounding psychology and mental health have been on an upwards trend in recent decades. However, there is still a lot of stigma surrounding psychologists and mental health. As such, the majority of people remain unaware of the broad range of services that psychologists can offer. From assessing and identifying disabilities, to creating coping strategies to providing education in psychological fields, psychologists can provide a multitude of services.

In particular, Brighton Spine and Sports Clinic focuses on your health, whether that be improving your fitness, aiding with injury recovery, or managing pain. Our psychologists specialize in chronic pain management, relying on evidence-based practices to help you cope in daily life.

The brain plays an important role in how you experience pain and its impact. not only this, but the brain helps to create habits and strategies used to cope with this pain. Our psychologists can help build strategies to manage the experience of chronic pain to live meaningful and fulfilling lives, primarily by focusing on the thoughts, feelings, and behaviours that accompany chronic pain.

Rob Postlethwaite, our current psychologist, completed his thesis on pain management strategies for patients undergoing open-heart surgery and has been involved in the field of pain management ever since. Coping with chronic pain is a massive psychological challenge and requires learning about pain and injury/illness. As such, the focal point of Rob’s work with individuals is to assist them in learning how to cope with current circumstances, overcoming psychological and physical challenges in order to maintain quality of life as much as possible.

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