Spring clean your exercise routine
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Spring clean your exercise routine

Spring clean your exercise routine

Are you in an exercise rut? The importance of daily exercise is a message we hear constantly. Doing the same exercise week after week, can become a bit of a chore..

With the arrival of spring, it is an opportunity to create a new fresh routine to motivate yourself to move.

Exercise outside
Research has shown that exercising outdoors has added health benefits, by reducing stress levels and increasing your mental wellbeing when compared to exercising indoors. Exercising outside also increases your vitamin D levels (don’t forget to apply your sunscreen).

Try something new
Spring is the perfect time to change up your routine when warmer weather arrives. If you usually walk or run the same route every time, try another location around Melbourne. A new park walk has opened in Narre Warren North – 1001 Steps. Views extend towards Western Port Bay to the South East and the You Yangs to the South West.

Exercise with a friend or in a group
By having an exercise buddy you are accountable for keeping your fitness commitments. Research also suggests that with a bit of competition, we work harder. Our clinical pilates studio has small group training options to train together as a duo.

You can also turn family time into exercise time! Go for a bike ride together and exercise while you spend time as a family.

Identify a new challenge
Train for an event and set yourself a new challenge. Melbourne has some great exercise events in some fabulous locations.

2XU Triathlon Series
Sunday 17th November 2019
Elwood Beach

Exercise for a greater cause
Raise funds for an important charity while you exercise. Joining a charity event is a good opportunity to set new fitness goals and give back at the same time.

The Color Run
Sunday 25th November 2019
The Color Run is a five km, untimed event. The Color Run, also known as the ‘Happiest 5K on the Planet’, is a unique event that celebrates healthiness, happiness, and individuality.

Sometimes you need help to get started
The first step to getting your body moving again is often the most challenging. The exercise physiologists and physiotherapists at Brighton Spine & Sports Clinic provide supervised sessions to ensure you are undertaking the appropriate exercises with good technique, helping to restore your confidence. If there is something holding you back from being active, like an illness or injury, speak to our reception team who can advise who best to see to manage your condition.